Tie Shan

Party Composition
Starting the campaign

I’m not putting any restrictions on party composition, although the standard makeup of at least one from each role will almost certainly prove to be the most effective.

My only requirements for the PC’s is that they all must have a reason for being in the town of Jiji, and must have at least one strong positive connection with at least one other member of the party.

Jiji is a town in the foothills of the continent’s central range, the climate is sub-tropical, and is part of the fractious south-west human kingdom of Ran Wei. Ran Wei is currently in a civil war between four major warlords within the kingdom, and is also threatened by invasion from the north-west human kingdom of Xianbei. Jiji is near the eastern border of Ran Wei, and not too far north of the campaign world’s namesake – Tie Shan.

Tie Shan, or Iron Mountain, is the name of the mountain where the Ho’ze God-King, Sun Wukong, presides over his city-state. While Sun Wukong has no empire-building ambitions, Tie Shan’s sphere of influence extends to the south-eastern border of Ran Wei.


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